The Best Wedding After-Party Décor Ideas

After the party comes the after-party!

A disco ball over a wedding after-party dance floor.

Photo by David Bastianoni

Every single part of your wedding day is so special: walking down the aisle, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, dinner—and of course, the after-party. A wedding after-party can take many forms; it may just be a continuation of the dancing portion of the night, once the formal reception is over, or it may take place at a different location (maybe a nearby bar). Either way, the wedding after-party is a time for the newlyweds and all of their guests to let loose and have the time of their life. If you choose to plan an after-party, part of making this event extra special is finding great ways to decorate your chosen space.

You may opt to focus on lighting—using disco balls, colorful lights, or string lights—in order to set the mood. Another option is to use decorations like shiny streamers or large neon signs that will catch the light and make for great photo ops.

Here, we look to our Real Weddings for inspiration for the best wedding after-party décor that will ensure the space looks stunning while everybody laughs, parties, and dances the night away.

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Go Disco

A bride and groom dance during the after party under disco balls.

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

There's no better way to get the party going than with a disco ball (or several!) over the dance floor. The lighting cast by a disco ball will totally set the party atmosphere, and it makes for great photos, too.

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Consider Strobe Lights

Green, blue, and purple strobe lights at a wedding after-party.

Photo by Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Colorful lighting from strobe lights (think green, blue, or purple) in a dark room is sure to get the party going. It also makes for cool, moody dance photos that your guests will love!

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Feature a Neon Sign

A bride and groom stand with a pink neon sign at the after-party.

Photo by The Bold Americana

When it comes to taking photos during the after-party, having something like a neon sign will create a great backdrop for everyone to gather around for pictures.

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Use Streamers

A wedding after-party decorated with disco balls and shiny streamers.

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Colorful or shiny streamers are a great way to liven up the dance floor, and we especially love what this couple did with streamers strung around disco balls. Just look at how they catch the light!

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Bring Out the Champagne Tower

A champagne tower at a wedding after-party.

Photo by Paula Jackson Photography

The best thing about artful cocktails? They can double as stunning décor. If you want to keep the drinks coming at your after-party, consider debuting a champagne tower near the dance floor. (Just be sure it's far enough so that nobody dances right into it!)

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Celebrate with Confetti

White confetti rains down over a wedding after-party dance floor.

Photo by Karla Garcia Kosta

Nothing says "celebrate" like confetti—and everyone on the dance floor will have a blast when the time comes to let it rain down (especially white confetti which is so fitting for a wedding). Plus, it looks so cool in pictures.

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Bring Out Balloons

Bold balloon art Installations at the reception ballroom

Photo by Megan Robinson  

Balloons are practically synonymous with parties, which is why they are the perfect after-party decoration. Whether you put them around the dance floor or install them above cocktail tables near the dancing, like this couple did, it will totally get the party mood going.

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Get Creative with a Fog Machine

A DJ performs at an after party with a fog machine.

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Talk about mood lighting! Fog machines can create such a cool atmosphere for dancing, whether your after-party takes place indoors or outdoors.

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Make a Hand-Written Sign

A bar with a bride and groom's sign outside for the after party.

Photo by Nyk + Cali

If you're taking the party to a second venue, like a nearby bar, consider having a hand-written sign placed outside the door with the bride and grooms names.

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Use Hanging Lights

An after-party space with hanging lanterns.

Photo by Adriana Rivera

There are so many types of ceiling lights that can elevate the decoration of an after-party space, whether it's chandeliers, string lights, or hanging lanterns.

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